Senior Designer, Interbrand, SPAIN

Fernando is a Senior Designer at Interbrand. He is responsible for transforming brand strategy into the visual universe. He works closely with the Strategy team to execute creative design solutions that successfully communicate the client’s objectives. 

He joined the Interbrand team in 2014 with his primary role being the Brand Guardian for Repsol and working in a wide range of projects including packaging, retail, advertising, layout, etc. After this experience, he moved forward into other projects.

He values international experiences. While at Interbrand, he worked in the development and launch of Jio, India’s first 4G telco. Additionally, he has worked with a wide variety of international clients including SEAT, Ron Barceló, the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, Ministry of Sports Saudi Arabia, Dubai Holding and Hitachi to name a few.

Previous to joining Interbrand, Fernando worked as a Designer for design boutiques in Murcia where he began developing his creative aptitude in branding. He later moved to Madrid as a Designer for Lambie-Nairn where he became Brand Guardian for Telefonica and its commercial brands: Movistar, O2, and Vivo. An important achievement at this stage was to work from Riyadh helping to start the brand guardianship program for Saudi Telecom.

He has been recognized from his start as a designer with awards such as Best Young Portfolio (2010) and the Nokia Creativity Contest (2011). His works were later published in Selected C Europe (2012) and Select K Spain (2012). Fernando’s contribution to branding has been recognized with three consecutive internal Best Work Awards by Interbrand (2015, 2016, 2017) and his work with Jio has been awarded a gold in the category of Brand Identity at the German Design Award 2018.

Fernando holds a BA in Graphic Design from The School of Art and Design of Murcia. He carried out part of his studies at the École Supérieure des Arts Saint Luc Liège in Belgium. He is currently enrolled in a Masters of Marketing Management at the European Design Institute in Madrid.