Creative Director, Tank, ESTONIA

Joel is the creative director and founder of the most known design and advertising agency in Estonia – Tank, founded in 1995. Tank has been twice the agency of the year of Estonia, earned 2 local Effie Grand prix awards and 3 advertising Grand prix. Latest one from last year Baltic Best.

He’s known by his views on life, politics, creativity, productivity, media, leadership, design and communication. His articles and interviews are reactional and sometimes pushing the limits of the local comfort zone.

By education he is an architect and likes to call himself the architect who has access to the 4th and 5th dimension – human time measure and social view. Two things that space creators usually do not want to see.

As creative strategist has been involved into some of the most successful campaigns and branding projects in Estonia and his people have won many awards for their creativity and design skills.

He have always believed that people and talent are the most important assets in advertising industry. Maybe this is why he has been initiator and active member of the Estonian Marketing Association and also the initiator of the Estonian Service Industry Association. In both cases he has loudly stood for boosting creativity and integration.

Joel has been member of Eurobest TV / Cinema / Outdoor jury and jury member of the New York Festivals. Have also judged in the jury of Golden Hammer (Riga) and many times in Golden Egg (Estonia). Last year he was the chairman of the Campaign jury there.