Founder / Director, RedMe (RCG), RUSSIA

Founder and director of agency of socially oriented marketing RedMe (RCG). Trendsetter of socially oriented marketing in Russia and the CIS.

Has 10 year experience in marketing and communications with over 5 years devoted to business development of RCG group. In 2018 founded RedMe which is part of RCG group.

Together with her team works on development and implementation of projects with measurable socially significant impact. The mission of RedMe is to make society more socially adaptive and healthy via search and applying of win-win solutions for business and NCO.

RedMe has become the first in Russia agency specializing on socially oriented marketing as business service, is actively cooperating with Russian NCO in the sphere of socially oriented campaigns, corporate volunteering and marketing communications and also in development of social involvement of business.

The author of training on development of socially oriented campaigns and communication strategies for commercial, non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs.

Consultant on the promotion of NCO and social responsibility of business. Lecturer of Russian Economic University by Plekhanov.

In 2018 became a finalist of the First Annual Todogood Awards “The Most Demanded Intellectual Volunteer”.