girls forward

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Gender Perspectives International Public Association. The mission is to promote social development in which women and men are able to make free social choice.


March 8 — the day of women's solidarity in the struggle for their rights, became a sweet holiday of spring, flowers and a day off from working in the kitchen. When feminism tries to discredit every dispute involving women, when femka becomes a word that even people who consider themselves educated can say, we wanted to remind that this is really a cool holiday of support, strength, ideas, aspirations?And solidarity. No comparison, no offense,no edification. Femenism is an idea. Idea: Make a set of postcards, frames for social networks, gifs by March 8, which will remind you about the real meaning of the holiday. Without oppositionto men, without moralizing and aggressive appeals. Like something joyful, festive and spring. The language of the action is Belarusian. It softened and gave sincerity and playfulness to words and expressions that can be heard and perceived in other languagesin a rough way.