Yandex.Taxi We know our city

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There are unique places in every city, which are widely known and loved by the locals. Each place of such kind has its second, folk name, which is used only by the locals. To represent Yandex.Taxi as «one of the lads», we have developed an alternative tourist and cultural navigation system based on requests and activity of the local population. The new signposts have been offering passengers to go to the «Healthy person’s pharmacy», to get swept away into «The youth» and to travel to «Birmingham» without a visa. With the help of Yandex.Taxi, of course.


Sergey Ponomarenko – Group Head Valeriy Volchetskiy – Creative Director Vyacheslav Evseev – Associate Creative Director Aleksandr Egorov – Producer Maksim Dyomin – Art Director Anna Levant – Head of Strategy Margarita Krinochkina – Strategist Yulia Kapustyan, Kirill Mitrofanov, Margarita Babich – Copywriters Nadezhda Efremova, Ruslan Simashev – Designers