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Goals and Objectives: Develop a corporate website for a Russian production company that services the market's top accounts with their unique expertise. The objective for the site was to mirror the company's values and image while emotionally engaging its users: friends, colleagues, and partners. Idea and Solution: 'Zhee-shee' is a creative-driven company. While the name itself might be interpreted as a fun nod to the legendary Russian schoolbook rule (spelled 'жи-ши' in Cyrillic), the brand is mostly about the carelessness of youth, eagerness to explore, and, of course, rebelliousness. Incidentally, these qualities are the building blocks of creativity and therefore are well-suited for a company that renders creative services.  With this website, we set out to defy every expectation of the classic 'form follows substance' formula. Instead, we created an enigmatic black-and-white graphic website that is completely open to user's interpretation. In this way, the site (just like the company's portfolio) serves as a reminder of how important it is to, if only once in a while, let your heart rule your head in a childlike creative passion — despite all logic and common sense. Although the visual elements are taken out of context of a larger brandbook and therefore might confuse a first-time visitor, the website's robust navigational structure is there to ensure nobody gets lost. The main portions of the website are: the company's vast portfolio, the team culture, and also their hopes and dreams. We allowed users to freely wander around the site, interpreting the 'otherworldly' images in any way they please. Because if we succeed in engaging them with this game of 'imagine', then this website has served its purpose as an outlet for ZHEESHEE Production's creative values.


Creative Direction: Stanislav Kokin Copywriting: Aleksader Tretyakov Design: Stanislav Kokin, Anastasiya Danilina Programming: Evgeny Shevyakov Project Management: Ekaterina Denisova