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Hi-Tech Aquabreather Hydroid for diving


Hydroid is the first recreational regenerative gadget. This apparatus is for diving. This apparatus allows to breathe under water at least for an hour. Completely autonomous, not need to assemble, unique product. Hydroid gives you the opportunity to dive to a depth of 42 meters. The device weighs only 4.5 kg. We came up with a new name. We have made a logo and a font in which the pattern of letters is distorted in a certain way in order to form a brand identity. Inspired by the water element and advanced technology of the device, we decided to focus on the unique digital parameters of the underwater vehicle for diving. Optical distortion of signs by light wave movement attracts attention, causes associations with the water element and forms the image of an innovative product with revolutionary parameters. In the numbers on the Hydroid identity media, the geographical coordinates of specific places for divers are expressed, the dates of presentation and opening of sales, dimensions, gadget parameters, distance, time of immersion and other numerical values are indicated. The figures determine the oxygen pressure indicators О₂ and carbon dioxide CO₂ in the Aquabreather Hydroid circuit. The pressure readings are displayed on a monitor mounted in the Aquabreather visor and are clearly visible during the dive. Become the first owner of Hydroid. Make a pre-order request on the site hydroid.info.