Vicious circle

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Life route foundation


The major part of society doesn’t understand or accept and is afraid of people with mental disabilities. As the result, they are left with no social engagement opportunities, which leads to stagnation or even deterioration in their condition which in its turn doesn’t benefit their social engagement. The circle completes. Together with Life route foundation we’ve let our society hear the trouble spot of people with mental disabilities. Hear this endless circle. Literally. We’ve aired a very unusual radio commercial to achieve this. Text of the commercial was specifically based on closed verbal constructions which means every sentence began and ended with the same phrase. The announcer’s voice was recorded and processed in a unique way in order to achieve a special surround effect. The sound surrounded – went around the listener and made a full turn in one sentence. In order to create this SFX we had to invent new technology. The existing program plugins didn’t allow us to achieve the result automatically. For example, the simple Doppler’s shift didn’t work the way we needed. All this resulted in us having to make phase inversions and frequency shift on our own specifically for every radio spot. Eventually we’ve managed to achieve vivid demonstration of the effect of the rotating source of voice on all stereo devices. We’ve not only spoken about the problem, we’ve let it be heard. Literally. We’ve let the endless circle be heard.


Agency: Havas Creative Group Russia Creative Director: Eugenia Arabkina Creative Group Head/Copywriter: Nikita Krasnov Account Director/Producer: Maria Kerentseva Account Manager: Daria Zakrevskaya Composer: Petr Osipov Production: DTV MA Producer: Daria Seslavinskaya Sound Engineer: Dmitriy Sakharov Client: Zhiznenniy put’ foundation/ Life Route foundation Ivan Rozhanskiy Alena Legostaeva Voices: Petr Osipov/Arzu Suleymanova/Yuri Derkatch/ Daria Seslavinskaya