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The city of Vyborg


Vyborg is a beautiful small city in Northwestern Russia. Its unique history begins in Medieval Sweden and continues through Finland and the USSR. Vyborg’s heritage represents different historical periods and great cultures, including the Alvar Aalto Library, Vyborg Castle, Monrepos Park and many other architectural landmarks. There is one problem though – the city's beauty is fading right before our eyes. As a result of the negligence of local authorities, historical buildings and entire streets have fallen into disrepair. Some of them have technically been under reconstruction for decades, but nothing is really being done. To draw the attention of the authorities and local people to this issue, we created a social project around Vyborg's identity as a tourist destination. When developing the design concept we were inspired by the metaphor of ‘fading beauty', as well as Vyborg's historical heritage – its architecture, its forms and its surfaces. The copywriting is based on a play on words: «Выборг» (Vyborg) and «выбор» (choice). The slogans encourage local people to take responsibility for their hometown's fate («Это твой Выборг» – «It’s your Choice») and to act («Сделай свой Выборг» – «Make your Choice»). We created https://vyborg.me, a website showcasing Vyborg's identity, and made a video explainer for the project concept that was later uploaded to YouTube and social media. We also launched a website, https://tvoy.vyborg.me, where users can order a branded souvenir to suit their tastes, choosing from a range of designs we developed. This helped us convey the concept to local residents. We gave them a chance to see their hometown from a new perspective and the hope of a better future for Vyborg, which has always been our main goal. The project enjoyed strong media support and received positive feedback from hundreds of locals in the initial days after the launch. The total audience exceeded 1 million users.


Sites: https://vyborg.me/ https://tvoy.vyborg.me/ The project team: Creative director, copywriter: Vitya Vit Art director, designer: Dmitry Buenkov Designer: Anna Timofeeva Web designer: Roman Fil Web developer: Vladimir Matsuev Project manager: Dmitry Prokopenko Copywriter: Gleb Timofeev Motion designer, operator: Denis Gimaev Operators: Vitaly Avanesov, Valeria Bubenova Producer assistant: Nikolai Korotkov Project manager: Ruslan Pavlishin Consultant on cultural issues: Vladimir Lomaev