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Moscow-based company Shelving Experts


The Objective Moscow-based company Stellazhniy Expert (‘Shelving Experts’), which specializes in used warehouse equipment, has entered the market with a new technical outfitting service for warehouses: from shelves and forklifts to engineering and cleaning services. The client required assistance with structuring a chaotic market to make it transparent and easy to understand, simplifying customers’ selection of subcontractors, and presenting the company as a market leader. The task was to establish the company’s positioning on the market, to develop a name together with a memorable visual solution, and to convey precision, professionalism, and practicality. The Solution In our search for an idea for the company’s visual identity, we took the main shape of the product as our starting point, basing our concept on the metaphor of a warehouse with empty shelves. The regular geometry of the warehouse is associated with order, precision, and practicality. We then took this image to a more abstract level, expressing the metaphor of shelving with the help of simple geometric forms. We simplified the logo, turning it into a parallelepiped, and added the company name in sharp, easily adaptable lettering. The principal advantage and uniqueness of this idea lies in the flexibility and scaling of the key identifier, which makes it possible to create an unlimited number of forms in the same style. The idea looks effective when animated and works well when used to convey different meanings – from building a warehouse to filling gaps in clients’ business services.


Pavel Konyukov — Art Director, Designer, Namer; Maria Davydova — Designer; Alexandra Yukhina — Project Manager.