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Tabletochki Fund


Brief: Our task was to come up with an idea confined to International Children`s Day that will stimulate donations to the fund without any additional expenses on advertising. Insight: People like it when their good deeds are recognized by others and they hate it, when their intentions are misunderstood. Problem: When it comes to charity, any public highlight of your charity activity looks like act of vanity and almost instantly will be criticized by others. Though, it is still trendy to be involved in social initiatives in Ukraine. Solution: We needed to create a way for person to show off and preserve his image as noble, as his intensions. Of course, we needed to keep it fun. So we came up with concept of viral flashmob activity for users of Facebook and Instagram called #MoneyCanChallenge. Fold. Snap. Mention. Confirm. Donate. Results: 3 active days 400 000 hryvnas gathered 150% donation growth in comparison to previous month 8 000 000 TA outreach in internet Articles on the case in national printed and TV media 20 000 000 people total coverage


Director: Svitlana Zagidko Creative Director: Anatoliy Davydov Copywriter: Vlad Minchev, Katerina Malashok Designer: Anna Rozum