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In Kyrgyzstan where in 2018, 15 000 young girls were kidnapped to be forcibly married, but only 28 cases made it to the court because police officers refuse to file victim’s reports, on May 28th, Mars Bodoshev abducted Burulai Turdaly-kyzy and later, at the police station, stabbed her to death. During Bodoshev trial, KLOOP, an online news portal, started the Koshogo Campaign. A koshogo is a white curtain that the kidnappers’ family hang in his house. According to tradition, for the bride, passing under the koshogo means giving her consent to marriage. We collected confessions of the kidnappers’ victims and printed them on koshogos that were hung all over the Kyrgyzstan capital. Videos with the same confessions appeared on internet. The campaign gave rise to an unprecedented wave of protest that forced the Prime Minister to demand drastic measures against bride kidnapping.


Креативный директор — Илья Прямилов Арт директор — Юлия Грезина Копирайтер — Сергей Белозеров Продюсер — Владимир Ролик. Креативный продюссер — Михаил Маер Разработчик — Дмитрий Ульмер—Морозов