#Romanovs100: AR Family Photo Album

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July 17, 2018 marked 100 years since Nicholas II, last tsar of the Russian Empire, his wife and five children were executed by the Bolsheviks. This became a focal point in the country’s history. How do we discuss such topics in the digital era, where readers are increasingly users, while time and attention are subject to more pressure than ever? How do we re-actualize history? Coming from the pioneering age of private photography, the Romanovs left abundant and detailed evidence of their everyday family life. While their archive itself is an extraordinary window into the past, we searched for a way to make the history experience even more personal and engaging, especially in terms of a printed edition. Presented on March 4, 2019 during SXSW EDU festival in Austin, Texas, the photo album is the final stage of our #Romanovs100 project. It uses an AR app to enhance reader's experience in visualizing the era and building a deeper emotional connection with the last Romanov family. The AR app, which complements the album, triggers three interaction types: - informative (videos, galleries, maps) — uses extended reality to tell additional stories - visual (panoramas, 3D models, now/then AR images) — helps to experience the Romanov era from a new angle - lyrical (love letters, colorizations, VR animation art) — helps to emotionally connect with the family You can see the AR app in action at our special page: https://ar.romanovs100.com/ Our work to digitize and analyze a large trove of family photographs helped portray the Romanovs from a new, deeply humane perspective, resulting in image-first data-driven educational storytelling — first on social media platforms and then an innovative AR print edition. Our main aim with this album is to trigger personal enthusiasm for studying history and push readers to search for deeper answers as to why and how the revolution of 1917 took place and to consider whether there were any other possible outcomes besides the brutal murder of the last tsar and his family. #Romanovs100 scored over 25 million impressions across the four social media platforms. The project engaged younger audiences: most of our 55,000+ fans and followers are aged 18-24. More about the #Romanovs100 project at https://romanovs100.com


Kirill Karnovich-Valua, original idea, creative producer Revaz Todua, design & layout Elena Medvedeva, print edition story, Facebook story Lilly Kazakova, print edition story, PR & communication Ania Fedorova, copy editing, Instagram story, website content Ivan Fursov, Twitter story Eldar Salamov, YouTube story, video editing Sandy Higgs, copy editing Gleb Burashov, social media strategy, AR coordination Tatiana Basina, Print Coordination Ivor Crotty, copy editing, producer Lilly Kazakova, PR & communication Helen Rappaport, historical consultant Marina Amaral, photo colorization Peter Nalitch, music & sound design AR Team Denis Semionov, Art Direction Valeria Fimina, Project Manager Alexander Malyutin, Unity Programming Pavel Postnikov, UI/3D Design Ivan Yunitskiy, AR Testing Yana Saikovskaya, AR Testing Video and Photo Production Aleksandr Skryabin, director Ilya Grachev, camera & cinematography Victoria Milovanova, producer Ambrotype Photography Ivan Mikhailovsky Anatol Green Nino Lazareva Russian State Archive Larisa Rogovaya, director Vasiliy Astankov, leading specialist