Sound in the leading role

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Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headse


In times of "high-speed" content it is getting hard to create something unique and to stand out from the endless flow of information. Sennheiser company has released a pocket-sized headset Ambeo Smart Headset that allows you to record audio in 3D. It keeps the more voluminous and realistic sound down to the smallest detail. It provides an opportunity to not only being seen but also to being heard. But is it possible to explain this unique technolology without providing people with experience of using it? We had invited a lot of creative people from different professional areas to take part in a contest entitled #SoundInTheLeadingRole which encouraged them to rethink the role of sound in their creative activities with help of Ambeo Smart Headset. Within three months representatives from a variety of creative professions (artists, photographers, musicians, athlets, blogers) were not only testing the technology of recording sound in 3D, but were also competing for valuable prizes awarded by Sennheiser. Videos recorded by the first contestants using the Amebo technology were so fascinsting and entertaining that by the end of the stage we received a flurry of applications for the next stages. The contest was supported by famous bloggers and actors. At the end of the third stage we received more than 200 unique surround sound videos recorded with Ambeo. Totals: — 200 participants — 236 publications with the hashtag #SoundInTheLeadRole — Reach - 15 408 590 — Number of likes/comments/shares – 219 836


Креативный директор - Егор Волик Стратег - Владимир Левочкин Продюсер - Елена Горожанкина Аккаунт-менеджер - Анна Вавилова Project manager - Очирова Ирина, Баранова Дарья