24 Hours of Le MKAD

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G-Drive fuel


There is no surprise that very often fans do a lot of crazy things to support their favorite teams. To inspire our team “G-Drive Racing” before its participation in the 86th 24 Hour Le Mans automobile endurance competition which takes place in France we decided to do the same…what racers do! The client brief was to organize a creative campaign by emphasizing the positive impact and benefits of using premium fuel “G-Drive” and to support the Russian race team before the competition using a non-standard approach. The key objective was to build more respect towards “G-Drive” as a culturally valuable brand, building a brand perception that goes far beyond a simple fuel. During the research we found some facts: football, ice-hockey and rugby fans do a lot of crazy stunts to inspire their teams before the game. To impress the team we decided to create the same race in terms of technical requirements of 24 Hours of Le Mans, but in Moscow. We created the event on the busiest circle road in Moscow Ring Road (MKAD), which encircles the center of Moscow. Journalists and bloggers were asked to re-enact a version of the 24 Hour Le Mans race by driving non-stop, alternating drivers every 3 hours and using the social media hashtag: #рванипокругу, which means “take-off around”. During the event the pilots used “Gazpromneft” gas stations as pit-stops. We have created special web site and run on-line streaming of the race. Each race team had its own GPS tracker to ensure that all participants followed the correct route and adhered to the rules of the race. During the time period the participants covered 3990km/2470miles. Following the event we announced the flash mob campaign which was created and supported on social media. Spectators could join the campaign by watching a video post which asked them to carry out activities such as making a circle with their hands or by cycling around their house. After this event we had created an inspirational film, which was shown to the «G-Drive Racing» team before the race. Results: First time in history Russian “G-Drive Racing” team won the legendary marathon 24 Hours Le Mans! PR-reach – 330 179 104 Media impressions – 10 006 684 vews


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