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We have created a whole movement that works in clear levels within our eco-system: 1. Toyota challenges: We incorporate our philosophy of push boundaries and test your strength using multichannel campaign of the flagship crossovers 2. Our Ambassador athletes are Toyota's guide to the extreme sports world. Their lives are our inspiration and source of content. #ToyotaTeamRussia share content, tips on how to start sport, perform tricks, improve skills. 3. Our subscribers in social networks join the movement by attending #ToyotaRoadShow events, viewing competitions highlights in Push-The-Limit groups on social networks, participating in #ToyotaChallenge contests, - everyone can join the world of real drive. The driving force behind 'Push-The-Limit' were 17 well-known athletes from a variety of extreme sports, of which Team Toyota Russia was formed. The start of the 'Push-The-Limit' platform was the launch of the Toyota RAV4 Adventure, in June 2017. The capability of the new RAV4 special series was Illustrated with stories by professional thrill-seekers in three documentary videos. The launch of Toyota C-HR, in June-July 2018, used a video where Team Toyota Russia athletes from three different disciplines called for daring tricks to match the movements of the bold Toyota C-HR. Our platform, based on integration with extreme sports, has become the basis for support.


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