Pre-roll drama "The buzz'

Рекламируемый продукт

Consumer Services (telecommunications)


We needed to build awareness for completely different 34 products of Rostelecom among family audience. That’s why we used culturally relevant and widespread leisure format – a series and used pre-rolls as a main media that doesn’t need any additional effort from people. Using these two things as a starting point, we created a scenario that combined engaging storyline with all the products of Rostelecom and joined it with smart media approach that in general helped us to achieve set goal. We created a pre-roll drama “THE BUZZ” – online series with 34 episodes shown in pre-rolls where telco products are naturally integrated into the series plot. Each episode lasts 10 seconds and follows up the story of the previous one. All episodes together form one single story of an unexpected phone call that ruins a pleasant family evening and questions family relationships. One of the unique features of this campaign is that all 34 episodes were shown to users in pre-rolls in a consecutive order, from the first episode to the last, revealing the whole story piece by piece and introducing a new product with each episode. We created more than hundred of thousands of distinctive user journeys to make sure that every individual user is targeted with a proper next episode, regardless of time, websites they visit (sport, leisure, fashion, news, cinema etc.) or devices they use (ios, android, windows, mac).


BOOTLEG Alesha Starodubov–Creative Director Anton Chalov – Senior Art Director Nikita Nikiforov – Senior Copywriter Vladimir Pervozvansky – Account Director Olesya Pashina – Account Manager Ekaterina Kruchkova – Producer Anastasia Nikolskaya – Assistant Producer ROSTELECOM Elena Dobrokhotova- Marketing director Stasya Oborotova - Head of marketing communications group Darya Mansurova - Marketing communications manager Nikita Shipov - Art-director Elena Ershova - Head of media planning department Alexey Maximovich - Head of digital media FOCUS FILMS MOSCOW Dmitriy Grachev – Director Mikhail Hasaya – DOP Katya Zhavoronkova – Producer Irina Silina – CEO Julia Lobankova - Second director Lera Palamarchuk - Assistant producer Victor Lamm – Composer Jana Belova - Post production producer Year of creation