Left. Right.

Advertised product

Isamaa political party


The ad is about leftist and rightist economic policies. Audio about a leftist idea comes from the left speakers, and audio about the rightist idea from the right speakers. Aired during rush hours, people would hear the ad in their cars where surround sound performed the effect perfectly. As a bonus, the words “left” and “right” have many meanings in Estonian – see translation: “There’s a very )))from the left speakers))) left/leftist/weird idea spreading around Estonia – that the state should be able to decide whether or not your money burns in the II pension pillar. Isamaa Party has a (((from the right speakers((( right/rightist/better idea – we want to give the decision making power back to you. Support making the II pension pillar voluntary. Support Isamaa – Isamaa believes in the individual.”


Creative Director: Madis Ots Copywriter: Madis Ots Account Executive: Anu A Ots Production: Orbital Vox Studios