A look that sounds

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Alcohol left aside, we all know that youngsters love 2 things: fashion and music. To engage them into brand, we used C-C-Combo of the two. To create a look that sounds, fashion designer Igor Chapurin created Bumblebee-inspired capsule collection, where every item received it’s own sound-id. This is how the first fashion audio-show, where people not only LOOKED at outfits, but rather LISTENED to them, came to life. Yay to the young! Total OTS 138 693 065 54 715 738 total reach


Olga Machilskya - Marketing Director Hasbro Russia Tatiana Nufferova - Marketing manager Hasbro Russia Alena Andreeva - Brand manager Hasbro Russia Maya Moskvicheva - Director Hasbro Consumer Products Hasbro Russia Anton Melnikov - Managing partner, creative & strategy, e:mg Maxim Kolyshev - Chief creative officer, e:mg MKolyshev@emg.ru Evgeny Tatarnikov - Creative Director, e:mg ETatarnikov@emg.ru Pavel Petukhov - Creative Director, e:mg Andrey Brovko - Copywriter, e:mg Igor Efimov - Strategic Planning Director, e:mg Anna Vergun - Producer, e:mg Ekaterina Isupova – Creative designer, e:mg Rogov Alexey – Art director, e:mg Tatyana Tarmogina - Managing Director, e:mg Natalya Reshetina - Head of Client Service, e:mg Maxim Shishkov - Digital Account Director, e:mg