Safe the Rap

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To turn attention to the absurdity of the situation with the help of an indicatively preposterous solution to this conflict. The "dangerous" texts of musicians, or rather, individual phrases make the basis of the conflict. So, if we put the sweet and safe words instead of the original phrases, the reason for the conflict will disappear! "We selected popular tracks containing ""dangerous"" phrases. Created more than 100 options for nice and safe replacements. Wrote a program that synchronizes with the audio editor: it drowns out the desired passage of the song, and instead of the original text, applies the safe one. More precisely, it is synthesized by a computer voice. Launched a website where everyone can create a ""safe"" version of the track of their favorite artist, and release him from the problems!


Denis Komissarov Roman Bokov Alexey Zaitsev Arseny Tyshenko Nikita Labutin