“When Your Girlfriend is Ill”

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Cold-relief medicine


One young man decided to make a surprise for his girlfriend: to gather several musicians and perform her favorite song, created by an extremely popular music band Kino – “When Your Girlfriend is Ill”. He spread leaflets in his alma mater, calling people to join his idea, he wrote posts on several music online forums, other students posted photos of his leaflets on social media – that is how we found out about this romantic idea. “Kagocel”, as a cold-relief medicine brand, decided to support the story of true love and took on the task of organizing widespread flashmob. We have launched a campaign to gather musicians: as a result, we had received over 700 participation entries. In cooperation with the singer Anton Lavrentiev and the cover band RADIO TAPOK, a unique adaptation of the song “When Your Girlfriend is Ill”. Most importantly, we invited true legend of Russian rock music, guitarist and co-founder of the rock band “Kino”- Yuri Kasparyan. We have organized the filming of the largest flashmob in the history of Russian rock. The video was uploaded on the brand’s YouTube channel and gathered over 5 000 000 organic views. Moreover, we created a “Kagocel” music delivery service: after buying a medicine, our customers could win a contest, via posting a request for a song on “Kagocel” website and sharing their love story, win a contest. The winner would receive a music gift from the brand to make their loved one happy.


Svyatoslav Lavrov, Creative Group Head, ROOM485 Sophya Katulska, Director & Executive Producer, Maksim Portnoy, Audio Production, Tatyana Konstantinova, Digital Manager, ROOM485 Aleksei Pichugin, Art Director, ROOM485 Eugenia Baeva, Art Director, ROOM485 Olga Sharypova, Senior Account Manager, ROOM485 Ksenia Torlopova, Assistant, ROOM485