Gratitude on our skin

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Сelebrating 75 years of IKEA, we wanted to say 'thank you' to every customer who have been with us. The problem was — we could not mess with classic navigation scheme of IKEA. Too bad :( So we used the best ad space available and put this gratitude on our skin — i.e. employee arms. Well, almost so. Technically, we created tattoo-sleeves where key brand items were portrayed along with a phrase 'thanks for coming!’ This is how we said 'thank you’ to every customer, using 0 media budget and earned a lot of free media mentions. Well done, huh?


Olesya Voronina - Country Payments Manager, IKEA Yulia Avtonomova - Country Loyalty Manager, IKEA Melnikov Anton – Managing partner, creative & strategy, e:mg Maxim Kolyshev – Creative Director, e:mg Tatarnikov Evegeny – Creative director, e:mg Vadim Petrov – Art Director, e:mg Sergey Zinchuk - Pre press designer, e:mg Ekaterina Isupova – Creative designer, e:mg Rogov Alexey – Art director, e:mg Selivanova Ekaterina – Copywriter, e:mg Andrey Trubetskoy - Сlient service director, e:mg Solovyeva Anna - Account Director, e:mg Shager Alina – Senior account manager, e:mg Gubina Kristina – Account manager, e:mg