Utair "Where You Belong"

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Entry Description After moving to the affluent Moscow, Russians quickly forget about their provincial origins. They start flying abroad instead of flying home. Utair’s ‘Where You Belong’ campaign reminded people what their true dream destination really is, proving that traveling back is always more emotional than traveling ahead. As a result, an unknown regional carrier became the 2nd most known airline in Russia. Supporting Information Delivering Utair’s new positioning, ‘Where You Belong’ was the first-ever campaign launched by the brand. As a regional carrier, Utair mainly services domestic routes, connecting hard-to-reach areas of Siberia with the rest of the country. While other players expand abroad, Utair increases its network of domestic destinations. The main objective was to switch Russians from vacationing abroad to flying to small Russian cities through Utair’s extensive domestic network. Solution & Cultural Data shows: more than 70% of those flying out of Moscow, were born and raised in other Russian cities. These people often avoid visiting their childhood towns, while regularly vacationing abroad. The solution was to unlock their sense of obligation to visit their family and friends in regional Russia, utilising the power of nostalgia. Russians live in similar concrete blocks — from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific — and just by showing 5 types of these houses, we resonated with almost everyone. Insights & Results: It has always been a taboo for Russian advertising to show the bitter but true reality of Russia — Khrushchev-era housing blocks and dying villages. By showing this side of Russia, Utair provoked a media storm: ordinary people, bloggers and professionals began to profess their love for the campaign, while pro-government media accused Utair of going for shock value. With this integrated campaign, Utair jumped from 5th to 2nd place regarding awareness, and consideration for the brand doubled.