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Georgian water supply system has long expired its limits. Therefore, it is no surprise, that accidents occur regularly throughout Tbilisi. We were doing our best 24/7 but due to their hidden nature our works never got the same exposure that memes about our inaction did. There was 0 positive brand mentions in social media and a hell of a lot negative ones. We used the virality potential of those tags to our own advantage. In order to make our efforts visible we replied each of our customer’s smart-ass brand mentions, with even smarter-ass personalized videos right from the epicenter of the works. Posting those videos instantly in comment section below every brand mention we were able to demonstrate that we worked 24/7 reacted instantly and most importantly cared about our customers, explaining the problem and works behind each individual ocasion directly to our customers. Disclosing previously invisible field work we do to keep water running, we were able to dramatically shift our perception from the most hated, to one of the most loved georgian brands. By the way, all of this was achieved with 0 media buying budget.


Rezo Shelia, Toka Areshidze - Creative Directors Mariam Khoperia - Executive Producer Levan Ketskhoveli - Account Director Nina Modebadze, Lika Metreveli, Mikheil Tsiklauri - Creative Team Mariam Giguashvili, Salome Khazaradze - Graphic Designers Gaga Darsalia, Niko Rekhviashvili, George Karanadze - Strategy Team Aleksandre Kvetenadze -Digital Planner Gogita Chikvaidze - Director of Photography Irakli Chakhnashvili - Producer Irakli Kiria - Producer Taso Okropiridze - Casting Nino Gokhadze - Set Decorator Giorgi Akhvlediani - Editor