A Beer Called Goal

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Goal (Natakhtari)


BACKGROUND: During the World Cup the public’s attention is turned to football and the competition between beer brands is brutal. Our objective was to make Natakhtari stand out and make the whole country shout its name. To reach this result we launched a large scale campaign through all media channels. CREATIVE IDEA: Since we couldn’t force fans to scream the word “Natakhtari”, we simply changed our name to what people screamed the most – the word “Goal!” This way we turned all football fans into our product ambassadors during the entire World Cup. EXECUTION: To associate “Goal” with a real goal, we made a series of similar musical commercials with goal celebrations turned into popular songs. The songs echoed through the social media channels with celebrities posting their own versions. New songs were also posted on Facebook which kept track with the ongoing games. We also held daily contests on social media asking people to predict the amount of goals scored in the World Cup matches. The winners were awarded with Goal beers wrapped in gift bags made from football nets. The person who guessed the total amount of goals in the World Cup was generously awarded with the same amount of beers. In the outdoor ads, our billboards and light boxes became yellow cards warning people that football is boring without a Goal! RESULTS: The campaign became the most effective football social media campaign in Georgia that reached 1 392 130 people and received 2 277 000 post engagements.


CREDITS: Levan Lepsveridze, Chief Creative Officer Leavingstone, Giorgi Avaliani, Creative Director Leavingstone, Beqa Adamashvili, Copywriter Leavingstone, Sophia Antidze, Art Director Leavingstone, Nino Kuprashvili, Strategy Team Leavingstone, Natia Gogia, Account Director Leavingstone, Anno Maisuradze, Account Manager Leavingstone, Kakha Kakhadze, Design Director Leavingstone, Anuki Koniashvili, Designers Leavingstone, Mariam Epitashvili, Designers Leavingstone, Akaki Razmadze, Designers Leavingstone, Lika Chogovadze, Account Manager Leavingstone, Nino Bitsadze, Copywriter Leavingstone, Tako Tuashvili, Graphic Designer Executive Producer: Meli Bagdavadze Director: Melaval Adamianadze DoP: Sandro Darakhvelidze Line Producer: Tamta Navrozashvili Production Designer: Polina Rudchik Assisting Production Designer: Sandro Nadareishvili Costume Design: Fourk Group Set Decorators: Erekle Tsintsadze, Dimitri Arsanis Make-Up Artist: Veriko Bedeladze Casting Director: Tamta Navrozashvili Production Assistant: Nanuka Chkhaidze Post-Production: CGI Artist: Levan Lapachi Color Grader: Niko Tarielashvili Sound Design and Music by Post Red Audio