Zoommerish Prices

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Zoommer - a tech retailer brand which is associated with entertaining internet content and new viral trends wanted to explain to millennials the meaning of “Zoommerish prices” - super low prices. To convey this simple message to the young people, we made a trashy Japanese style ad featuring two celebrities from the Georgian internet-culture, who recently became famous for conducting pseudo religious and philosophical discussions on air. The video was launched exactly when these celebrities were at the peak of their online popularity. Already in a couple of days it gained a million views and viraly reached almost 90% of Georgian millennials online.


Leavingstone, Levan Lepsveridze, Creative Director Leavingstone, Pavle Gabritchidze, Creative Team Leavingstone, Elene Danelia, Creative Team Leavingstone, Emily Koridze, Creative Team Leavingstone, Anno Maisuradze, Account Manager Leavingstone, Catherine Meparidze, Account Managers Leavingstone, Nino Kuprashvili, Strategy Director Leavingstone, Bruce Lee, Art Director Production: Executive Producer: Meli Bagdavadze Director: Levan Lepsveridze DoP: Sandro Darakhvelidze Producer: Tamta Navrozashvili Production Designer: Polina Rudchik Assisting Production Designer: Sandro Nadareishvili Costume Design: Fourk Group Set Decorator: Jimsher Berdzenishvili Make-Up Artist: Veriko Bedeladze Casting Director: Tamta Navrozashvili Production Assistant: Lara Kveladze Visual Post-Production by Anagrama: CGI Artist: Nika Maisuradze Animator: Irakli Kiladze Color Grader: Levan Melikishvili Editor: Giorgi Korganov Sound and Music by Post Red Audio