Goodbye to the Middle Ages!

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Together with the medical company INVITRO we developed a website based on one of Hieronymus Bosch's most famous triptychs "The Garden of Earthly Delights". Take a walk through the garden to learn more about STDs depicted as fantastic beasts inhabiting the phantasmagorical painting – without the risk of catching any of them. The project gamifies the process of learning about STDs, their history, dangers and prevention.


Invitro: Marketing & Communications Director – Anton Bulanov Head of Proactive Marketing Department – Elena Kiseleva Marketer – Yulia Politova Leading Public Relations Manager – Dmitry Khrapunov Possible Group: CCO – Vlad Sitnikov Creative – Ekaterina Antipova, Roman Antonov, Maria Gushchina Art Directors – Roman Antonov, Anton Vodogreev Design Director – Alexey Fetisov Designer – Kirill Klippenshtein Producers – Ksenia Boyarkina, Oksana Bondarenko Account Director – Inna Kovaleva Account Manager – Kristina Borgardt