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Ukrainian Marketing Forum


Ukrainian Marketing Forum is an annual marketing conference that takes place in Kiev. It often happens that marketing specialists believe in a cult of some academic knowledge they got during the studying in university and don’t want to study something new. We had to make them want to attend Ukrainian Marketing Forum. We had to make them realize their knowledge is already out of date. In order to demonstrate this, we took P. Kotler’s cult marketing book and spores of mold, placed them together in a city-light panel and let time show off its strength. After a month of tests, failed attempts and disappointments, we found a solution. Our mold grew. Every day, it spread more. And more. The book began to look older. And our message sounded more and more clear: knowledge gets dated, come for something fresh We earned more than 40 publications in local and international media with an overall audience more than 73 000 000. More than 22 000 people saw Mold video case. We reached the Facebook audience of 460 000 people. Ukrainian Marketing Forum sold 31% more tickets than previous year. And we made all these results with the only one city-light. Maybe, the only case in the history when a mold had taken more attention was the discovery of penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming. And the most important, our city-light started a long-going discussion among marketing specialists on the topic of marketing education.


Victor Ishkov – CEO, BBDO Ukraine Anze Jereb – Executive Creative Director, BBDO Ukraine Denis Keleberdenko – Creative Director, BBDO Ukraine Julia Kolesnik – Senior Copywriter, BBDO Ukraine Maria Plotnikova – Art Director, BBDO Ukraine Maria Teterin – Head of Design Studio, BBDO Ukraine Togzhan Slyamgaliyeva – Designer, BBDO Ukraine Kseniya Milchenko – Designer, BBDO Ukraine Aleksey Katruk – Motion Designer, BBDO Ukraine Alisa Komm – Account Manager, BBDO Ukraine Sveta Grebenyuk – PR Manager, BBDO Ukraine Irina Danilevskaya – Client Service Director, BBDO Ukraine Olga Tolkunova – Managing director, Producer, 5Lines Anton Ivanov – Cameraman, Freelance Galeb Al-Maali – Candidate of Biological Sciences, Microbiologist, Freelance