Durex Social Newsroom

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The target audience of the brand Durex - are representatives of Generation Z, who are often immune to traditional advertising and has its own, distinct from other generations, expectations from brand content.Therefore, Durex decided to operate through a non-standard SMM. Social Newsroom is an approach to social networking that consists of preparing strategically adjusted and relevant non-stop creative content through daily tracking of insights, trends and audience responses. Forming a steady stream of bright content in Durex communities fosters a sex culture and creates a new online world for generation Z, where young people can have a free dialogue with the Durex brand and receive daily portions of fun and inspirations containing useful information about sex in a non-advertising form. An important focus of Durex Social Newsroom approach is creation of situational posts that came to the taste of the young Russian audience. Most of these posts went viral. A storm of emotions was caused by posts on pressing issues from the reflections on the nature of feminism to posts dedicated to movies releases.


Polina Maguire - Creative director Maxim Lempert - Copyrighter Alina Zaripova - Copyrighter Oleg Panov - Senior Art Director Natalia Sakharova - Head of content Anastasia Posokhova - Senior account Olga Markova - Analyst Maxim Dronov - Art director Nikita Chekalin - Art director Alexander Osipov - Copyrighter Nikita Sinitsyn - Senior Designer Pavel Ilyuk – Designer Alexander Lebedev – Senior Art Director Roman Martynov – Digital Designer