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Yandex.Taxi entered the Armenian market in 2016 against problems of brand image. Citizens perceived the brand as soulless and alien, treating drivers rudely and indifferently. Our goal was to create a project that solves two problems: 1. Communicate the idea that our brand is the people who live and work in Armenia. 2. Create a sense of community between the brand and the audience with specific examples, showing that the man behind the wheel has a unique story.
 The campaign’s key project is a non-fiction film called “Samvel”, which tells the story about Samvel Galstyan, a simple taxi driver from Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan. Besides that, Samvel is an artist who has painted since childhood to glorify the beauty of his homeland. The film tells us about his life, his emotions, his interests, and how his occupation fits into his life. The project received numerous mentions in Russian and Armenian media. The film caused a number of positive reactions. In the first couple days, the film got more than 100 thousand views and 1,000 likes. At the moment, the film got more than 400 thousand views. Analytics shows an increase in both the number of app downloads and the number of rides users take. A survey of taxi drivers also indicated that customers now treat drivers better than ever, and tip them more often.