SkinHead shampoo packaging design

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Men's shampoo for a shaved head SkinHead


How to wash your hair if you shave bald your head? This simple question is often baffling — using hand soap inhumane. Hair shampoo - illogical, because there is no hair! It seems that cosmetic brands have ignored a significant proportion of men who have chosen to shave their heads bald. Urban Cosmetics team decided to fix this injustice by developing a special product for washing a shaved head. We have developed naming and shampoo packaging. The result is a unique product — shampoo not for hair, but for the scalp. In the title we intentionally used the «biting» word-game SkinHead, avoiding the negative connotation. The new brand has absolutely nothing to do with the culture of skins and is far from nationalist ideas. The philosophy of the project is completely opposite — we unite men of all races, ages and social strata into the culture of SkinHead. It does not matter who you are and what your views are, if you have a shaved head — this shampoo is for you. The chosen brand name turned out to be very powerful emotionally, so it became the main focus in packaging design. The large chopped font adds sharpness, the small diameter of the bottle underlines the scale of the brand name, the gloss of the letters contrasts with the black matte packaging. The familiar shape of the sharp blade has become the basic image for the label. Instant association with shaving. «Steel» coating appears due to the silver texture of the label and its complex cutting. We use only simple fonts and a minimum of necessary information about the product on the label. Font iroquois help to separate different special products from the cosmetic line by setting additional dynamics to the label.