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InMedica clinic: gastroenterological tests and treatment


One of the specialties of InMedica clinic are gastroenterological tests and treatment. However, people are not aware about it and we want to change this. Instead of portraying separate doctors in ads or putting announcements about medical tests available in our clinic we decided to focus on raising awareness to cut through the clutter of all-similar-looking medical clinics. It’s a fresh campaign, so it’s too early to evaluate results. Number of patients calls to register for the tests is increasing, but probably the biggest achievement is that InMedica clinic awareness is starting to increase.


Creative director: Marius Lukosius Executive Creative Director: Rokas Eltermanas Art Director: Viktorija Rumiancevaite Copywriter: Rokas Eltermanas 3D Illustration: Andrius Kirvela Design: Lukas Misevicius Retouch: Rimas Sablinskas