New Fruit - CSR

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7 CSR Directions


*”Akhali Khili” – NEW FRUIT is a Georgian idiom and is used to describe something very novel and unfamiliar. In Georgia, the term “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) is quite obscure - for some people, only the part of it is clear, for others - it’s just another strange abbreviation. It is a “new fruit” for our corporate circles and needs to be explained and implemented in order to build a healthy and coherent business and society. So, to bring the concept of the “New Fruit” to life, Agency created seven prints with seven whole new species of fruits, as a visual metaphor of the seven directions of CSR. The visuals of the fruits are unique and unusual, but still feel somehow familiar – just like the seven directions of CSR. These unusual looking fruits make people look twice and explain this otherwise boring subject in a way that people find it appealing and interesting.


Gvantsa Datuashvili – Creative Director Luka Ivanidze – Art Director Luka Ivanidze, Sophie Ivanishvili, Levan Tsagareli – Copywriters