Renault Drive Therapy

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Every year, 2.7 mln car accidents happen in Russia. And every tenth affected person experiences posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Some of them quit driving for good. This problem has never been covered in Russia, so people don’t know that their fear of driving is actually a psychological trauma. Renault with its mission “Passion for Life” decided to help drivers with PTSD get back to driving and make it enjoyable again. Renault Drive Therapy The first test drives that fight PTSD. Any fear is hard to fight without psychological support. But the fear of driving is also hard to fight without driving. We created Drive Therapy, a unique treatment method — counseling sessions combined with driving practice — all based on Renault test drives. For a month, a Renault dealership hosted 20 therapists with driving instructor skills. Participants could get therapy in a new Renault car equipped with dual control pedals and practice driving in a special safe area. Though Drive Therapy program so far took place only in Moscow, some people even came from other cities — all to fight their PTSD. After the Drive Therapy 90,6% of participants said they were ready to get back to driving. The project got 30 mln media impressions and let millions of people learn that PTSD is treatable. Unexpectedly for Renault the project increased the number of test drives by 68%. This is how Renault brought back the joy of driving to the ones who suffered from driving.