17 04
09:15 — 18:00
Entrance hall

Accreditation of the participants and guests of the festival

Welcome coffee

10:00 — 10:30
White Hall


Minsk, 86 Kommunisticheskaya str.

10:40 — 11:30
Congress Hall

Christoph Nann, Chief Creative Officer at FCB Hamburg, Germany

FIVE RULES ON THE WAY TO MAGIC. How communication can be successful in modern times.

Christoph Nann

Creator of worldwide award-winning campaigns for such brands as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Axel Springer, BMW and Loewe. Winner of hundreds of international awards among which are Cannes Lions Gold, One Show, ADC, Clio etc.

10:40 — 12:00
White Hall

Creative contest for young creators FIRED UP TO CREATE by official partner of the festival – betting company Parimatch.

Open presentations of the finalists.

10:40 — 11:30
Red Hall

Sergey Ogandjanian, Business Development Director at TWIGA, Russia

MARKETING AS A DRIVER OF ADDED VALUE. Marketing driven processes. Marketing serves “sales”. “Sales” are the increase of economic indicators.

Sergey Ogandjanian

Занимает пост директора по развитию TWIGA, которая сегодня является крупнейшей независимой коммуникационной группой в России и странах СНГ и уже на протяжении многих лет входит в ТОП-10 креативных рекламных агентств России по версии АКАР. Агентствами группы завоевано более 300 наград российских и международных фестивалей, в том числе Cannes Lions.

11:40 — 12:30
Red Hall

Oleg Kiselitsa, Creative Director at Kinograf, Ukraine

ADVERTISING GROUNDHOG DAY. How thanks to creativity large Kiev pub managed to become the most effective brand of the year in Ukraine, beating the industry giants with multi-million budgets. True story that repeats with a client and an agency every year, and every year this seemingly old story becomes new, relevant, interesting. Cases, facts and cartoons!

Oleg Kiselitsa

Creative Director of the agency, which has repeatedly taken “Most Creative Agency” and “Most Effective Agency of the Year” awards at various festivals in Ukraine. During 10 years in advertising he gathered a collection of more than 80 awards (from Bronze to Grand Prix) at festivals Eurobest, Golden Drum, Golden Hammer, KIAF, White Square, Ad Black Sea, Red Apple, ADC Ukraine.

11:40 — 12:30
Congress Hall

Sergio Spaccavento, Executive Creative Director at Conversion, Italy

SEX SELLS, BUT HUMOR SELLS MORE. Seminar about why and how to use humor as a weapon in advertising, across all media. You will definitely learn something. You might even laugh. But attending this session will still be better than dying of boredom in a client meeting!

Sergio Spaccavento

Обладатель национальных и международных наград в сфере рекламы, кинематографа, радио и телевидения. Имел честь быть приглашенным в жюри фестивалей Cannes Lions, New York Festivals, Epica, Art Directors Club Italy, Mobius, Белый Квадрат, Red Apple, Chipshop Award и многих других.

12:10 — 13:00
White Hall

Ivan Puzyrev, Head of AR/VR department at Strelka KB, Russia

ANTAGONISM OF AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL REALITY. AR / VR through the prism of the theory of media channels and the process of interaction between people and digital information surrounding them. Transformation of the market, from high expectations to antagonism, change of directions and appearance of useful cases. Augmented reality and virtual reality as tools of anthropology and crowdsourcing during the period of automation of processes and work with big data.

Ivan Puzyrev

12:40 — 13:30
Congress Hall

Ali Rez, Regional Creative Director for Middle East & Pakistan at BBDO, UAE

YOUR TIME IS 5 SECONDS. Technology might be making our attention spans shorter and more chaotic, but the principle of communication has always been the same: how do you capture someone instantly? How do you keep that attention? And how do you stay memorable enough all the way to the purchase?

Ali Rez

Ranked in Top 15 Creative Directors of the World according to The Directory. In 2018 he was proclaimed Creative of the Year in South Asia by Campaign magazine. Winner of more than 350 international awards including gold Cannes Lions, Clio, Effie, pencils D&AD, Grand Prix of Dubai Lynx and others. With his contribution BBDO Worldwide became Network of the Year at Cannes Lions, Effie, Dubai Lynx and Spikes Asia. Lectured at the University of Oxford, was a spokesman at Tedx.

12:40 — 13:30
Red Hall

Sergey Beloshitsky, Head of Group at Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine, Ukraine

MARKETING OF PAIN. Decoding the concept of pain and pain points in marketing and advertising. Why do we need Tension and what are the dangers hidden in Comfortvile. BRAVE-thinking and several advertising cases, which took place due to the high pain threshold.

Sergey Beloshitsky

В портфолио проекты для множества брендов и lovemarks: the Coca-Cola Company (Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Burn, Bon Aqua, Fuze Tea), Mondelez International (Milka, Dirol, Picnic, Korona, MaxFun), P&G, AXA, Jacobs, Novartis, LetGo, OLX Kz, BIC, BASF, Philip Morris Ukraine, Obolon, Zibert, Red Cross и других. Выиграл более 50-и наград на международных и локальных фестивалях, таких как KIAF, ADC*UA, Golden Hаmmer, Golden Drum, Effie, Белый Квадрат, AdBlackSea, KAKADU, WOW Done Awards.

13:10 — 14:30
White Hall


Dmitry Apolenis, Creative Director at AIDA Pioneer, Belarus
Patrick van Haperen, Creative Partner at L.O.V.E., The Netherlands
Oliver Drost, Chief Creative Officer at deepblue networks, Germany
Omid Novidi, Chief Operating Officer, MediaCom, Austria
Joel Volkov, Creative Director at Tank, Estonia
Mihai Fetcu, Creative Director at Geometry Global Bucharest, Romania

Dmitry Apolenis

Creative leader of the agency that is holding first position in ACMA Belarus creativity rating for four years in a row. Works created under his leadership have repeatedly won awards at the international advertising festivals Red Apple, White Square, KIAF, Golden Hammer, Ad Black Sea, AdStars and others.

Patrick van Haperen

Has more than 12 years of experience in advertising industry and owning numerous national and international awards including Gold Lion ‘Master of Creativity’.

Oliver Drost

Started his career 25 years ago. Oliver is a winner of many awards and also participates in national and international festivals as a jury member. He was part of Mobile Cannes Lions jury in 2018.

Omid Novidi

Один из первых креативных медиа планеров в ландшафте австрийских медиа. Коммуникационное планирование вне классической рекламы (Live advertising, Stunts и Ambient Media и тд) стали столпами его профессиональной жизни. С 2005 года фестиваль Cannes Lions стал для него ежегодным ключевым вдохновляющим событием. В 2012 входил в состав Young Lions Media Jury, а в 2014 являлся членом жюри Cannes Media Lions.

Joel Volkov

Креативный директор и основатель в 1995 году одного из самых известных коммуникационных агентств Эстонии – Tank, которое дважды становилось агентством года в Эстонии, выиграло 2 Гран-При Effie Estonia, а также 3 рекламных Гран-при.

Mihai Fetcu

Mihai is one of Romania’s pioneering creatives. Together with the creative teams he coordinated at Geometry, he has won over 160 awards at regional and international competitions such as Cannes Lions, LIA, Golden Hammer, Golden Drum, Epica, Eurobest, ADCE, Crystal, Crystal, EACA, Golden Drum, Effie or Golden Hammer for their behaviour-changing activation campaigns.

13:40 — 14:30
Congress Hall

Fabio Paracchini, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer / Head of Health at The Embassy, Italy

EVOLUTIONARY STRATEGY. Strategy is not a set of rules carved in stone and positioning slides full of right-pointing arrows, but something you should practice collaboratively every day to keep your companies and your brands alive, fit and happy. As the grandmaster of survival Charles Darwin said: “In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed”.

Fabio Paracchini

Fabio’s portfolio comprises projects for numerous brands including Alfa Romeo, Moto Guzzi, Vespa, Corriere della Sera, GSK, Affinity Petcare, ESA - European Space Agency, Lavazza, Mahou, Piaggio.

13:40 — 14:30
Red Hall

Nadezhda Korolyuk, Digital Creative Group Head, ROOM485 (RCG), Russia

LOVE, SEX AND ROBOTS. Exit from zone of digital comfort. World of sex in the paradigm of AI technology. Fantasy world at the junction of big data and sexnet of things. How to use breakthroughs in technological and biological sciences to promote brands. Arsenal of working digital integrations for 2019.

Nadezhda Korolyuk

14:40 — 15:30
Congress Hall

Steve Colmar, Executive Creative Director at Publicis Groupe Portugal, Portugal

HOW TO KILL GOOD IDEAS. From the moment a good idea comes up on piece of paper, to the very moment it loses any chances of seeing the sun light. How processes, beliefs, rush, fear and a couple of silly reasons will kill the idea that would make your brand reach the heart of the people you want.

Steve Colmar

In 2018 Steve was nominated for the title of "Best Creative Director of the country" according to the Creative Club of Portugal. Winner of the leading international festivals, including Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show, LIA, NYF, Eurobest, ADCE, El Ojo, FIAP, Creative Club of Portugal and many others. During his work at Leo Burnett Lisbon, the agency has been the best in the country for six years in a row according to the results of El Ojo de Iberoamerica.

14:40 — 15:30
Red Hall

Evgeniya Lysenko, Business Development Director at OMD Media Direction, Russia

NEW OLD MEDIA. In the modern world, all media channels have limited capabilities for targeted communication and effectiveness measurement. The only exception is Digital, where technology develops every year and presents new opportunities for communication, including offline. With innovative solutions, we can create new media at the intersection of Digital and classic media channels.

Evgeniya Lysenko

Has started her career in advertising industry in 2006. All these years she has been developing bright and non-standard projects for the largest Russian and international companies. Since 2015 she has been holding the position of Business Development Director at OMD Media Direction. Priority focus of her work is to strengthen the agency’s leadership on media market.

15:00 — 15:50
White Hall


Mikhail Gerasimovich, Chief Marketing Officer at Parimatch Belarus
Ilyas Aylisly, Head of Marketing at Parimatch Belarus
Vladimir Kobets, Creative Director at Digital Choo, Ukraine

15:40 — 16:30
Congress Hall

Folker Wrage, Founder / Owner at wrage/antwort, Switzerland

NO, YOU'RE NOT DOING DIGITAL. A RANT. Digital has changed everything. And advertising is no exception. Or has it? This is not a speech, it's a rant. About digital advertising that isn't really digital. About advertising people that talk digital and act traditional. Marketers that are proud to shift their budgets to digital only to create even less impact than before. Are you really doing digital?

Folker Wrage

Winner of more than 80 awards in the industry including Cannes Lions, Clio, LIAF, New York Festivals, Red Dot, ADC Germany etc. His portfolio comprises projects for such globally known brands as Lufthhansa, BMW, Procter & Gamble, Malboro, Coca-Cola, Levis etc. He is a Senior Industrial Consultant for European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

15:40 — 16:30
Red Hall

Anton Kotоvsky, Co-founder at TRU agency, Russia ; Roman Buh, Co-founder at TRU agency, Russia

TAKE THE LIGHT SIDE OF THE FORCE. BENEFITS AND RISKS OF SOCIALLY ORIENTED MARKETING. What are the “dark” and “light” sides of marketing? Where does boom of social responsibility of brands come from? Why is it going to grow bigger? How to find relevant social problems and not to make banal mistakes? How to understand whether your business really needs it? Can Light side be more profitable and effective than dark side? What is the sense of life?

Anton Kotоvsky

Roman Buh

16:00 — 18:00
White Hall

Anton Shaporenko, Creative Director at Geometry Global, Russia

WORKSHOP «GOTIDEA!» The moment of creative stupor sooner or later overtakes everyone. It threats not only those who work at communication agencies but everyone who is trying to find a fresh solution: business, sales, new products launch, improvement of existing ones. On example of the task from betting company Parimatch we’ll figure out how to get out of the stupor and find a fresh idea.

Anton Shaporenko

Creative Director with fifteen years experience in advertising. Winner of more than 40 professional awards at Russian and international advertising festivals.

16:40 — 17:30
Congress Hall

Yuri Uenishi, Art Director / Graphic Designer at Dentsu, Japan


Yuri Uenishi

Обладательница золотых, серебряных и бронзовых наград таких фестивалей, как Cannes Lions, D&AD, ADC of New York, One Show, Spikes Asia и Adfest.

16:40 — 17:30
Red Hall

Andrey Kozhanov , Creative Director at FRONT Total Branding , Russia

DESIGN STRATEGIES. DELIBERATE DRAWING. 5 strategies of modern business. Design strategies and relevant examples of their implementation. Functions of strategic design. Updated algorithm of brand design. Metaphor is not the only way to translate meanings into images. 21 means of expressiveness.

Andrey Kozhanov

17:40 — 18:10
Congress Hall

Tobias Hager, Chief Marketing Officer at Digital Production, Germany

REBIRTH OF A MEDIA BRAND – SUCCESS WITH AN AGGRESIVE DIGITAL STRATEGY. The offline world has left behind a number of great but low-performing media brands. Not only in Germany, but all over the world, we see day by day how challenges are simply pushed away. What is media value? When will a campaign succeed? And how can you make a media brand sexy again by simply digitizing it? Report on the newly won success of a formerly completely loss-making project with the help of the animago 2018. Comparison of online and offline campaigns and the use of agencies in an international environment.

Tobias Hager

18:00 — 20:30
Red Hall

ADVERTISING HACKATON held by Smart Partner of the festival – Higher School of Economics.

Intellectual game, immersing into the sphere of communications.

19:30 — 00:00
Dipservice Hall

SUMMIT PARTY – opening party of the festival

For accredited participants, juries, headliners and guests of the festival

18 04
10:00 — 10:50
Red Hall

Masha Teterin, Head of BBDO Branding, BBDO Ukraine, Ukraine

BREAK THE SHELF! How to develop effective communication with the consumer and increase brand sales thanks to packaging. What (so important!) we forgot about packaging design?

Masha Teterin

В портфолио Маши работы для таких брендов, как Staropramen, Stella Artois, Eldorado, WOG, Toyota, Lexus, Silpo, Visa, Obolon, Kotex. На её счету награды фестивалей Ukrainian Design: The very best of, Epica Awards, ADC*UA, Effie, KIAF, ADC*Europe.

10:00 — 10:50
Congress Hall

Showcase of the finalists of the festival

Creativity and Creative Effectiveness contests

10:00 — 10:50
White Hall

Alexey Sosnitsky, Head of creative and strategy department at PG Branding, Belarus

BRANDING: MAXIMUM USE. Sometimes it seems that the client does not get everything he could from the agency, and often he has to turn to another agency. How to get maximum possible agency expertise at a project?

Alexey Sosnitsky

11:00 — 11:50
Congress Hall

Alexey Fadeev, Creative Director / Partner at Depot, Russia

WHO MADE WHO: FROM SAKURА TO BIRCH TREE. Where did our ways go separate? Arnold Toynbee and Martin Heidegger believed that the culture of European values was doomed, and offered to look at cultural heritage of the East, especially Japan, where spirituality has always been a central task. Using the simplest pigments and tools, Japanese artist seeks to convey first of all not the beauty of the subject, but his own mood, which is willing to change. Is there a “less European thing” than a masterpiece painted on sand or water?

Alexey Fadeev

One of the most awarded creative directors in Russia (Cannes Lions, EPICA, Eurobest, Red Dot, Golden Drum, The Dieline, Pentawards, Cresta Awards, Cristal, LIAA, Golden Hammer, ADCR, etc.).

11:00 — 11:50
White Hall

Olga Sharatuta, Founder / Director at RedMe (RCG), Russia

CAUSE MARKETING, OR 10 COMMANDMENTS ON HOW TO BUILD A WORLD OF RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION. The trend of "social involvement of business" came to our marketing and advertising market. More and more companies are getting interested in a new, social approach to communications with the consumer. More and more non-profit organizations are fighting for the effectiveness of integrated campaigns with commercial brands. Tools, rules, lifehacks, results and inspiration on living examples of Russian and foreign cases.

Olga Sharatuta

Трендсеттер социально ориентированного маркетинга в России и СНГ. Имеет 10-летний опыт в области маркетинга и коммуникаций. В 2018 открыла агентство социально ориентированного маркетинга RedMe, которое стало первым в России агентством, специализирующемся на социально ориентированном маркетинге как на бизнес-услуге.

11:00 — 11:50
Red Hall

Gatis Rozenfelds, Creative Director / Co-founder of Tribe Riga, Latvia


Gatis Rozenfelds

Автор успешных проектов для таких брендов, как Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, Masterfoods, GM, Subaru, GlaxoSmithCline, Nokia, NASDAQ. Обладатель многочисленных наград, включая Golden Hammer, серебро Adwards и других. Его работа представлены во всемирно известной коллекции Jean-Marie Boursicot Ad-Eaters

11:40 — 15:50
White Hall


Viktoriya Efimova, managing partner at littleMORE
Topic: LET THEM TALK! BUT ABOUT WHAT, HOW AND WHAT DOES IT GIVE? Which information message to put into media space and what to do with it when developing PR communications.
Alexander Podgorny, CEO at Asterman
Vitaly Krivko, Director at event-agency Terra Group
Topic: DUCT TAPE AND HOSE CLAMPS AS MARKETING TOOLS. Real tools of effective marketing partnership on events and ways to make events better.
Vladimir Bosko, Head of Sales, Ekaterina Savchenko, PR manager, LCD-media
Olga Kuzeeva, PR-manager at
Topic: AT FIRST THERE WAS A NAME. CREATIVE DOMAINS OR 10 FEATURES YOU ARE NOT USING. Train fantasy, upgrade marketing, attract attention to your website.
Igor Baikov, CEO at BelRosReklama
Alexander Pavlenok, Director at PridProm
Sergey Tatarchuk, Director at Druk-S
Topic: IF BRAND DOESN’T MAKE PEOPLE FEEL, NOWADAYS IT DOESN’T EXIST. You can make the client fall in love with your brand at first sight. At first touch to be exact. What should be done to achieve this.
Anastasiya Zmitrovich-Klepatskaya, Head of marketing and planning department at New Radio, Narodnoye Radio

12:00 — 12:50
Congress Hall

Kay Heenan MIPA , Senior Executive at The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, Great Britain

MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS: LESSONS FROM THE IPA EFFECTIVENESS AWARDS. How the agencies’ creativity and insights succeeded in generating a huge return for their clients.

Kay Heenan MIPA

12:00 — 12:50
Red Hall

Denis Maksimov, Managing Director at Media Direction Group, Russia

RIDDLES OF GENERATION Z. The discussion around this generation is becoming more and more active, it is cluttered with stamps and new names, but the question of who they are and what to do with them remains open. What topics are relevant for today's youth, how to build communication with them, what sources of information are authoritative for them and much more. Conclusions based on the analysis of their lifestyles and thoughts, which form the main characteristics of the generation Z. Z – Conscious, but in need of constant encouragement. Z – Self-confident, but open to other people's opinions. Z – Digitalized, but not locked in the room.

Denis Maksimov

Has been working in media field for over 20 years. As a managing director of MEDIA DIRECTION GROUP Maxim is engaged into the development of media group, strategy development, creation and supervision of new services and products. Denis is co-chairman of the Committee on advertising in print media of Association of communication agencies of Russia.

13:00 — 13:50
Congress Hall

David Raichman, Executive Digital Creative Director at Ogilvy Paris, France

TECHNOLOGY, EQUALITY, SUSTAINABILITY: HOW BUSINESS AND CREATIVITY ARE DEEPLY CHANGING. Key principles to make brands matter in a world facing unprecedented challenges.

David Raichman

Убежден, что сегодня бренды нуждаются в инновационной, полезной роли в реальной жизни. Создатель инновационных проектов для крупнейших мировых брендов, обладатель престижного золота Cannes Lions в категории Innovations. Обладатель трофеев Cannes Lions, LIA, Clios, One Show и других международных фестивалей.

13:00 — 13:50
Red Hall

Mikhail Perlovsky, Creative Director Anybodyhome, Russia


Mikhail Perlovsky

В портфолио бренды: Красный октябрь, KIA, Toshiba, Merz, Донстрой, Сбербанк, Роснефть, Mitsubishi Electric, а также награды на международных рекламных фестивалях: Globes, Белый Квадрат, КМФР, Red Apple, Cristal, Идея!, Серебряный меркурий, Adblacksea.

14:00 — 14:50
Red Hall

Sergey Atanasov, CEO / Co-founder at LOVATA, Belarus


Sergey Atanasov

Более 10 лет опыта в разработке ИТ решений. Ментор и член жюри «Конкурса предпринимательских идей». Спикер ряда отраслевых конференций на тему стратегий и маркетинга.

14:00 — 14:50
Congress Hall

Severine Six, CEO at All Response Media, France


Severine Six

В марте 2018 запустила All Response Media, новое performance агентство Havas во Франции. До этого занимала должность управляющего директора Arena Media, где за свою работу по развитию агентства была отмечена статусом Arena Media Best Increase in 2017, а также являлась управляющим директором наиболее успешного французского независимого медиа агентства My Media, в 2015 году приведя его к званию Agency of the Year.

15:00 — 15:50
Red Hall

Eugene Yunov, Creative Strategist at Primary J. Walter Thompson, Belarus ; Darya Korol, Digital Creator at Primary J. Walter Thompson, Belarus

ADVERTISING DARWINISM. NEW LANDSCAPE OF COMMUNICATIONS. New challenges of time dictate new trends. Do advertising agencies fit into the new landscape? The product of evolution is a structure capable to create effective communication. Practical case studies of projects created by the Agency team.

Eugene Yunov

Darya Korol

15:00 — 15:50
Congress Hall

Michelangelo Cianciosi, Executive Creative Director at DigitalGo, Italy

HOW AI WILL AFFECT WORK AND CREATIVITY IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Strong and Weak AI. How they are changing some kinds of works, even the creatives’ one, and how it will change our way to produce creativity.

Michelangelo Cianciosi

Обладатель наград крупнейших международных фестивалей рекламы, включая Cannes Lions, New York Festivals, Epica, Webby, Clio, Cristal, а также всех ведущих локальных фестивалей Италии.

16:00 — 16:50
White Hall

Alexander Demidovich, Head of commercial special projects at TUT.BY, Belarus ; Dmitry Smirnov, Editor-in-Chief of commercial special projects at TUT.BY, Belarus

OCCUPIERS OF TERRITORIES. How TUT.BY changes the format of native advertising in Belarus.

Alexander Demidovich

Dmitry Smirnov

16:00 — 16:50
Congress Hall

Maciej Lissowski, Managing Director at Warszawa , Poland ; Michał Kisielewski, Digital Creative Director at Publicis DWL, Poland


Maciej Lissowski

Имеет многолетний опыт ведения комплексных, мультиканальных проектов с внедрением их на различные рынки. Успешно работал со всемирно известными брендами L’Oreal, Lufthansa, Microsoft, Motorola, Nestle, Danone, Renault, Tefal, Ford, Siemens, Gillette, HP, Thomson и многими другими.

Michał Kisielewski

В качестве креативного директора являлся создателем кампаний для таких брендов, как L’Oréal, P&G, Orange, Sanofi, Renault, Nestlé, Michelin и других. Его последние работы в качестве режиссера включают ролики для Rimmel London, Carlo Rossi, Gallo Family Vineyards, Gardena, Stork Clinics и других брендов.

16:00 — 16:50
Red Hall

Denys Lohvynenko , CEO at Havas Digital Kyiv, Ukraine ; Oleksii Morozov, Creative Director at Havas Digital Kyiv, Ukraine

BRANDS IN SHEEP SKIN OR NATIVE ADVERTISING FORMATS. How the struggle for consumers’ attention is going on in digital channels and why a new line appeared in each brief – “The offer of cooperation with influencers is a must”.

Denys Lohvynenko

For over 10 years works in marketing communications. Before Havas Digital Kiev for three years, he headed the Prodigi agency office in Moscow. Prior to that, he worked as Executive Director of the MTV Ukraine TV channel. His portfolio includes many successful projects with brands like Jagermeister, Renault, Nestle, Red Bull, Microsoft, Acer, Sony Pictures, Pepsico, Unilever, LVMH. The first in Ukraine, Havas Digital Kiev, launched projects with Shazam.

Oleksii Morozov

For a 10-year career in advertising, he worked as creative director of leading agencies of the Ukrainian market and Kazakhstan (Grape, McCann Erikson, and Geometry Global). He worked with Pepsi, Nivea, Philip Morris, L’oreal, Coca-Cola, Nestle. Likes: cats, DC comics and designing characters. Dislikes: Will Smith.

17:00 — 18:00
Congress Hall

Pavle Gabritchidze, Digital Creative Director at Leavingstone, Georgia

BRAND BUILDING IN SOCIAL MEDIA. Real life stories of how we can build a powerful brand with the limited budget in social media full of scary competitors.

Pavle Gabritchidze

Digital Creative Director at Leavingstone – the most successful digital creative agency in Georgia. Two-time winner of the Georgian contest Young Cannes Lions (for the first time in the Cyber category, the second - Young Marketers Categories). Winner of four statuettes of the international festival of advertising Ad Black Sea.

17:00 — 18:00
White Hall

Maria Mordvinova, academic director of educational program "Advertising and Public Relations" at Higher School of Economics, Deputy Head of the Department of Integrated Communications, Russia

EDUCATION IN THE SPHERE OF COMMUNICATION: WHAT HAS ALREADY CHANGED? The sphere of communications is considered to be purely humanitarian, but this is far from being the truth. Now mathematics and programming are taking over the full scope of the communications industry. What kind of knowledge and competencies is needed for successful work in the industry.

Maria Mordvinova

18:00 — 20:00
Red Hall


Presentation of prize-winning films of one of the oldest international ad festivals Epica Awards 2018 – EPICA AWARDS ON TOUR, MINSK SHOWCASE. Special guest – Nicolas Huve, Operations Director at Epica Awards, France. The show of the best ad films from all around the world according to industrial press over a glass of champagne.

19 04
10:00 — 10:50
Congress Hall

Toma Stasiukaitytė, Strategist at Clinic 212 & Enter agencies, Lithuania

AD BIZ IS A SHOW BIZ. Imagine this: finally, you get the media budget that is big enough to reach everyone in the world. There’s only one problem – nobody is paying attention. What do you do?

Toma Stasiukaitytė

Many large brands of the Baltic states, Poland and Romania entrusted her to develop and implement their communication strategies. These are Viasat, BMW, Telia, Nestle, L’Oreal, Carlsberg, IKEA, Akropolis and others. Together with her team she won various awards for creativity and efficiency at such festivals as Adrenaline, LOGIN, Password, Napa, Baltic Best and Golden Hammer.

10:00 — 10:50
Red Hall

Anatoly Davidov, Creative Director at Leo Burnett Ukraine, Ukraine

CREATIVE GOOD. How creative solutions transform corporate social responsibility into effective and gambling competition.

Anatoly Davidov

Имеет 20 лет опыта работы в рекламе и дизайне. В творческом портфолио Анатолия работы для UKRSIBBANK/BNP Paribas Group, UniCredit Bank, Samsung, Watsons, Bosch, DHL, Philip Morris, Antonov Airlines, Mondelez, P&G, Microsoft, Tabletochki, ABInBev/Effes Ukraine, Roshen, Praktiker, Peugeot, RomPetrol.

10:00 — 10:50
White Hall

Andzelika Ratner, lawyer, member of Minsk regional collegium of advocates, Belarus

USE OF COPYRIGHT OBJECTS. Visuals, audios, other objects in advertising. Rights on composite and derivative works. Use of copywrite objects from Internet data bases.

Andzelika Ratner

11:00 — 11:50
White Hall


Lucas Boudet, Director General at European Advertising Standards Alliance, Belgium
Topic: Self-regulation and the Ad self-regulatory network: contributing to responsible advertising across Europe, today and tomorrow.
Participants: Alena Ustinovich, Chairman of Board of ACMA, Sergey Pilatov, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Coordinate Council on advertising

11:00 — 11:50
Congress Hall

Fernando Pérez, Senior Designer at Interbrand, Spain

WHAT’S YOUR NEXT ICONIC MOVE? Standing out is becoming ever more valuable in a saturated marketplace, so the time is now to take the lead and contribute fresh ideas to leap ahead. For us, this means making Iconic Moves. In this talk, you’ll explore why Iconic Moves are the next frontier and how to apply them. You’ll look to international examples to see the impact on businesses.

Fernando Pérez

В Interbrand успешно занимается трансформацией бренд стратегий в визуальную вселенную, работая в тесном сотрудничестве с командой стратегов по реализации креативных дизайн-решений, успешно достигающих задач клиента. Создатель проектов для таких брендов, как Jio, Telefonica, Saudi Telecom, SEAT, Ron Barceló, Dubai Holding, Hitachi и многих других. Его вклад в брендинг отмечен тремя подряд Best Work Awards by Interbrand (2015, 2016, 2017), а проект для Jio получил золото в категории Brand Identity на German Design Award 2018.

11:00 — 11:50
Red Hall

Darya Loban, strategist at The Agency of Wargaming, Belarus

GLOBAL CAMPAIGNS BY AUTOSTOP: HOW NOT TO GET LOST IN MARKETS, AUDIENCES AND INSIGHTS. In global campaigns you often have to choose between standardization and regional adaptation, take into account cultural codes and peculiarities, and put up with the fact that the audience varies from 50-year old “white collars” in USA to college graduates in Japan.

Darya Loban

Член APG / Account Planning Group (London) и International Game Developers Association Foundation / Speaker diversity network. Разработала несколько десятков кампаний для регионов NA, EU и APAC. Участвовала в создании бренд-платформ для стартапов в Дании, Хорватии и США. Изучала бизнес в Lehigh University, США; защитила магистерскую диссертацию по Media & Business в Erasmus University Rotterdam, Нидерланды.

12:00 — 12:50
Red Hall

Maxim Kolyshev, Chief Creative Officer at e:mg, Russia

NEW MEDIA. CONTENT UNDERLINES THE SHAPE. Modern approach to creation of advertising campaigns means complete rethinking of client briefs. Beforehand the creative lay in the plane of invention of content for radio, TV, print and UN, now the search for ideas is in the sphere of creating new media, where the content dramatizes the shape and the main criterion of effectiveness is emotional response of the consumer.

Maxim Kolyshev

Является неоднократным призером российских и международных фестивалей, среди которых - Cannes Lions, Clio, Cristal, Penta, Golden Drum, Golden Hammer, Effie, Ad Black sea, Идея, Белый квадрат, Серебряный Меркурий. Его ролик «Комар» вошел в шорт-лист «Cannes Lions», став единственным финалистом от России в 2011 году. В портфеле клиентов Максима такие международные бренды, как Hasbro, Mondelez, Газпром нефть, Adidas, МТС, Opel, ZIC, Axe, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Jacobs, Purina, Rexona, Nokian tyres, Bridgestone, Роснефть, Линия Жизни, WWF.

12:00 — 12:50
White Hall


Business as creativity or creativity as business. The role of festivals and contests in the development of industry. News of creative season. The course on effectiveness.
Alena Ustinovich, Chairman of Board at ACMA, Belarus
Valentin Smolyakov, Executive Director at ACAR, Russia
Maxim Lazebnik, Executive Director of AAC, Ukraine
Tatsiana Scherbakova, President at RAMS, Russia
Mikhail Simonov, President of Silver Mercury, Russia

Alena Ustinovich

Valentin Smolyakov

Maxim Lazebnik

Tatsiana Scherbakova

Mikhail Simonov

13:00 — 13:50
White Hall

Vladimir Maksimkov, Head of Karambol media holding, Belarus


Vladimir Maksimkov

13:00 — 13:50
Red Hall

Olga Oleinik, Creative Director / Managing Partner at AVC, Belarus ; Olga Starotitorova, Content Producer at AVC, Belarus

WHAT BRANDS ARE TALKING ABOUT. Dialogue as a key influence tool that constructive relations with the consumer are based on. Where to land the landing party. Cases and techniques from real practice.

Olga Oleinik

В числе клиентов такие бренды, как Santa Bremor, Савушкин продукт, Heineken Belarus, Сoca-Cola Hellenic, UNFPA, Оазис Груп, A-100 Девелопмент, Белгазпромбанк, Белинвестбанк, Слодыч, Vegas, MAV, Valeant, Vitus Pharm и другие. Обладатель наград фестивалей Red Apple, Белый Квадрат, КМФР, Ad Black Sea, Golden Hаmmer и других. В 2013 году команда AVC стала победителем Young Cannes Lions в категории «дизайн».

Olga Starotitorova

14:00 — 14:50
White Hall

Ben Benimana, Founder / Creative Director at Ingoma Fab, Russia

CAT AND MOUSE GAME: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Algorithm of interaction with the consumer in conditions of economic crises.

Ben Benimana

В рекламном бизнесе работает с 1995 года, является одним из лучших арт-директоров России. Дизайнер, приложивший руку к имиджу десятков брендов, среди которых Fazer, Milford, Nestle, Danone, Увелка, Солнечные продукты, Рыжий Ап, Тёма, Myllyn Paras, Мираторг, Петелинка, Черкизово, Скит и множества других. Кандидат киноведческих наук. Преподаватель курса брендинга в различных вузах, автор семинаров и публикаций по теории и практике брендинга, участник отраслевых конференций в России и других странах. Член ADCR России, Член Совета Ассоциации Брендинговых Компаний России.

14:00 — 14:50
Red Hall

Maxim Boritko, Creative Director / Co-owner at Rockets Growth R&D, Ukraine

HOW TO BE A CREATIVE MARKETER IN 2019: STOP TALKING BULLSHIT ABOUT YOUR BRAND AND START TALKING ABOUT THE PRODUCT. Why does the choice between emotion and ratio lead marketers to Nowhere Land. Why people's emotions are more rational than marketers and creative agencies think. What consumer trends about brands are relevant today. What is the most banal you can do in 2019 and how to avoid it.

Maxim Boritko

Получил более 150 профессиональных наград, включая Eurobest, Golden Drum, ADC*E, EFFIE, Globes Awards, KIAF, Белый Квадрат и других.

15:00 — 16:30
Red Hall

Vlad Sitnikov, Chief Creative Officer at POSSIBLE Group Moscow, Russia

5 ON 30. HOW TO GET DOZENS OF CREATIVE APPROACHES IN FIVE MINUTES. SITNIKOV’S METHOD. To create ideas is always insolent. It’s been known for a long time that we only copy what was created by the demiurge and is in the over-world of ideas. But this is our job. In order to reach it and remember everything, everything that has been already invented, reformulate it all, start a new circle, you need to force yourself. Author's seminar tells about the way of search for ideas in the context of confrontation of System 1 and System 2. You will learn the methods (from the opposite, induced error, search for human value, search for drama in consumer’s life, design of emotions, from the role model), an exciting lesson of abstracting from yourself, formation of 20-30 approaches to the idea, evaluation and crystallization of the solution you found.

Vlad Sitnikov

Проекты, созданные под его руководством, собрали сотни наград и удостоились внимания СМИ по всему миру. Среди международных наград Cannes Lions, Webby Awards, CLIO Awards, EPICA, Awwwards, FWA, One Show, Golden Hammer, Cristal Festival, Globes Awards, PIAF, Golden Drum и другие.

15:00 — 15:50
White Hall

Dmitry Peryshkov, Creative Director at DDVB, Russia

QUICKLY CHANGING BRAND. STRATEGIC RESPONSES TO CHALLENGES OF THE WORLD OF INCREASING SPEEDS. We live in a time of fundamental changes in the world. Absolutely everything is changing at a speed of light, trends disappear, not even having a chance to express themselves. What should brand creators do? How to respond to this interesting but not easy situation?

Dmitry Peryshkov

Профессиональный стаж в области дизайна и брендинга – более 25 лет. Обладатель наград престижных международных и российских фестивалей рекламы и профессиональных конкурсов дизайна. Многие его работы опубликованы в международных и российских изданиях, в числе которых HOW, Graphis, Epica Book, Communication Arts, Creative Review, Print Magazine, Package & Design и другие.

16:00 — 17:30
White Hall

Showcase of the entries-finalists of the festival. WELCOME DRINKS


17:30 — 20:00
Congress Hall



20:30 — 00:30
Cotton Club

PARTY HOT. WHY NOT?! – festival closing party

Entry by invitation.